The New Rodeo

by Rosalia

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This album is the love baby of a sick band of merry pranksters."The New Rodeo" is a potent new amalgamation of American Music.

Special thanks to Lena, Camille, Dre, Dolan, Kyle, Tom, Pierce, Christian, Olyvia, Emma, and Jake for appearing on "New Rodeo" and "Pandarang Kodak-Sang".

Artwork by T. Rolf Will


released February 6, 2015

Mixed, mastered, and engineered by Kendrick Magallanes.
Avery // Sousaphone
Kendrick // Bass
Jeremy // Tenor Sax and Vocals
Sam // Alto Sax and Vocals
Maya // Keys
Oren // Drums
Fionn // Guitar and Lead Vocals



all rights reserved


Rosalia New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans' newest aural aphrodisiac

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Track Name: Voice
I've been stuck on the inside for far too long
My mother stopped calling me years ago
and the only company i've had all this time is the voice inside my head

Life on the outside has changed since i've been gone
my mother she has died
and all of my friends are either gone or they are dead
well i've still got the voice in my head

Come on y'all, are you feeling us now?
i've got a voice and i know how to use it
come find us after, we guarantee a good time
they got hands and they know how to use em

As sit here in a cold cell singing to myself,
the sun starts to rise
and my dying wish is to see with my own eyes
the outside one last time
Track Name: The Boot
Every Friday evening as everybody's running round they're singing Whatchoo doing tonight? Dressed navy blue a partial birthday suit who's shouting Let's roll up to the Boot

Welcome to the booze down your shirt
Welcome to the boobies in your face

I see it in my mind as I creep up behind. All I want to do is grind.
I'm a snake, I'm "The Wall", I'm a tale told tall and raw, an "I-miss-my-ma-and-pa" Boo-Hoo!

Drink more. Take shots.

Let's go back to the Boot.
Track Name: New Rodeo
I may have been at a party when I met a creature
What i remember is hazy my baby listen to me
a creature of the night who said change me. it wasn't enough.
He said, "man, i've had enough of petulant crybabies. my kids, they're overwrought things, working it for Pfizer. This ain't my first rodeo"
cried the man in the big straw hat
"another worm in my salt-rimmed cocktail glass, a toast to my ex wives past"
and i start to speak, i can't say it right when i've got an empty stomach. if i found out i wasted my life, oh you know there's one thing that makes it all right. you know i drink cause it keeps me warm.
Track Name: Hot Sax
you're so sax deprived, you don't even know
we're so sax deprived.
And my oh my does it show
everybody's sax deprived
why don't you come on up and give it to me?
hot sax, leaving me hot and sore
I am nothing but loving, I adore you don't feel love anymore
hot sax, howling at midnight. I will quench all your thirst with my hot sexy horny delight
hot sax, tonguing away the night, just relax and let go let me show you how wrongs can be so right